Knowledge Asset Governance & Value Investment Group

Knowledge Asset Governance & Value Investment Group

Vision: Aim to Be the Optimal Mentoring Group for Closing Business Knowledge Gaps Worldwide.  

Mission: To empower synergetic teamwork for overcoming international challenging business obstacles.

 Set of Unique, Authentic Core Values:

  • Trust
  • Accountable
  • Knowledge Map
  • Serve and Inspire
  • Classy Citizenship
  • Smarter Goal Setting
  • Health Above All Else
  • Seek Perpetual Growth
  • Display Grit Without Ego
  • Spread Joy and Optimism
  • Facilitating Game Changer
  • Uncompromising Integrity
  • Business Mindset Skillset Toolset
  • Passionate About Insightful Expertise
  • Collaboration: Leverage Collective Genius
  • Facilitate Strategic Game Changer Solutions
  • Multifaceted Value-Based Partnership: Win Together
  • Passion: Obsession with What You Do in Heart and Mind
  • Enabling Mechanisms for Fostering Shared Learning Culture
  • Entrepreneurial Risk Management & Corporate Governance
  • Lifetime Learning Desire: Encourage Learning and Development L&D Programs
  • Results-Oriented & High Quality Deliverables: Stop at Nothing to Ensure the Agreed Upon Target Is Hit.
  • The Value of Service: Emphasizing The Desire to Help and Support Those Around You to Proven Customer-First Mindset.
  • Customer Value Focus: Although Leaders Pay Attention to Competitors, Employees, but Obsess Over Customers to Start Vigorously with Customer Then Work Backwards to Earn & Keep Customer Trust.
  • Speed: We Value Sustainability, Prioritize Careful Hastiness, Complete Ordered Tasks and Projects to Foster What Clients Need Without Meandering. Otherwise, It’s Possible These People Will Find Another Company to Associate with. Thus, To Set Aggressive Deadlines and Honor Them at All Costs.
  • Simplicity: Value Your Employees’ & Customers’ Time. Never Want to Get Bogged Down by Too Many Technicalities. Formulating A Short Meetings Policy for Employees, Listing Prices Transparently on the Website So All Prospects Know Whether or Not Your Business Is a Good Fit.
  • Human: People-Obsessed, Natural, And Uncomplicated Entity That Show Its Humanity by Limiting the Steps of (Or Eliminating) A Phone Tree to Make It Easier to Speak to A Support or Sales Rep, Or Eliminating Employee Red Tape When One of Your Workers Needs to Speak to A Leader in The Company.
  • Aspirationalism: Showcase Idealism by Developing and Sharing Their Product Roadmap Years Out at A Time, Holding Frequent Product Announcements.
  • Quality & Professionalism: Best Practices, Exceptionally High Standards in Class & Industry, Showing Stakeholders That Customer Satisfaction Is of the Utmost Importance, Reminding Employees That They Represent Your Company Both Inside and Outside Your Office’s Walls.
  • Openness: S A Willingness to Embrace New Information or Ideas and Change as A Result of Their Validity and Relevance. This Value Does Not Clash with Other Values – Such as Committed or Disciplined – If The Openness Does Not Detract from Your Organization’s Mission and Purpose. Openness Can Be Seen in A Company That Is Forward-thinking and Actively Looking for New Solutions to Long-Lasting Problems.
  • Honesty: Sincere, Truthful, & Right Via Admitting & Explaining Any Mishaps to Stakeholders.  Five Domains of Human Experience, including: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Shared Goals, And Fairness (SCARF).
  • Respect to Initiator, Influencer, Decider, Buyer & User (5 Consumer Buying Roles Via Factors That Influence Consumer Behavior of Quid-Pro-Quo Relationship. Prospects: Individual, Organization, Community, Society)
  • FUN: Enable Creative Ways for Employees to Brainstorm at Informal Gatherings & Facilitate Employee Outings Across the Globe.
  • Transformational Leadership: Courage to Shape a Better Future AS Market Leaders, Initiating Industry-Wide Change. Leadership from an Employee Standpoint Could Include Pairing Up New Hires with Mentors to Get Those New Hires Up to Speed Faster.






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